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Higher Education Institutions


2 Major Hospitals


Blue Zone Communities


105 Miles of Hard Surface Trails


Cedar Valley SportsPlex


Thriving Main Streets, Downtowns & Entertainment Districts


The Cedar Valley region is located in northeast Iowa, totaling 211,000 in population. The region is home to one of three Regents' universities in the state, a four-year private college, nationally recognized historic downtown districts, a state-of-the-art performing arts center, innovative schools, and 100+ miles of recreation trails. The Cedar Valley is within a day's drive of all major Midwest markets, with direct commercial flights to/from Chicago and private charter air service available within a 15-minute drive. Additional connecting hubs are within an hour's drive.

The economy of the Cedar Valley is diverse, but the real story is about the long historic tradition of manufacturing. Beginning with John Deere Company leading the way, making manufacturing the top industry. Manufacturing has evolved since 1918 when John Deere first started producing the Waterloo Boy. Manufacturing is technical, computerized and striving to innovate its products to better serve customers and consumers. 


The Cedar Valley TechWorks is within a day’s drive of all major Midwest markets:180 miles south of the Twin Cities, 265 miles west of Chicago, and 315 miles southwest of Kansas City. The TechWorks central United States location is within 23% of the nation’s population and one to two days delivery time of major business centers within a 500-mile radius.

Commercial air service is within a 10-minute drive of the TechWorks Campus. 


The Cedar Valley’s greatest asset is the knowledge, skills and work ethic of the workforce. The region boasts a potential labor force of nearly 320,000 people, with a majority employed in industries of education, manufacturing, healthcare, and wholesale and retail trade.


Providers: Century Link, Mediacom, Windstream



Provider: MidAmerican Energy

Amenities: Nearly 30% of the energy that is generated comes from Renewable Energy.  In Iowa, the portion of electricity consumed in manufacturing is exempt from state sales tax.


Provider: Waterloo Water Works

Amenities: Capacity of 50 million gallons per day.  Average use is 23% of capacity. 


Provider: City of Waterloo