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Additive (3D) Manufacturing and Design Lab at TechWorks Campus

The Additive (3D) Manufacturing Center and Design Lab is the best equipped applied research center of its kind with a national reputation as the go-to place for additive manufacturing assistance, throughout Iowa and the U.S.  The Center is staffed by leading innovators in the field of additive manufacturing from the University of Northern Iowa.

Additive (3D) Manufacturing Center and Design Lab

A Collaboration of the University of Northern Iowa and Hawkeye Community College


  • Introduce manufacturers to additive manufacturing technologies and capabilities
  • Prove the value and benefits of the technology and the products
  • Encourage adoption of the technology

The Design Lab places additive (3D) manufacturing technology in the hands of Iowa companies through workforce training and design services. The Design Lab is a training center for designers and engineers to learn and utilize additive manufacturing design and production techniques.  College level engineering students and industry professionals are introduced to advanced design rules that complement and take advantage of additive (3D) manufacturing.

Design Lab offers companies the ability to:

  • Fully develop and evaluate designs for prototyping and production in a low risk – low-cost environment
  • Evaluate & test solutions to manufacturing needs
  • Work with advanced design rules that complement and take advantage of the additive manufacturing processes
  • Understanding how and where to apply 3D technology
  • Bring products to market faster
  • Create complex designs not possible using traditional materials and processes
  • Meet customer cost, lead time, and technology requirements
  • Train employees while working on real projects

Exceptional Access to:

  • The latest 3D design software, virtual 3D visualization technology, 3D scanning
  • Latest methods and tools to support designers
  • University of Northern Iowa research and knowledge

Training Iowa’s Workforce in Additive (3D) Manufacturing Technology
Real World Training for Employees and Students

  • Introduce the necessary design software, teach skills to develop products and prepare CAD documents for additive (3D) technologies for prototype and mold production
  • Core curriculum/college credit to University of Northern Iowa and Hawkeye Community College  students
  • Workforce retraining and continuing education
  • Conferences/Workshops
  • Internships
  • Remote training opportunities

Improve Efficiency, Productivity and Reduce Costs

  • Design Lab will support production on the equipment available through the University of Northern Iowa Metal Casting Additive Manufacturing Center

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University of Northern Iowa Metal Casting and Additive Manufacturing Center and Design Lab equipment:             

 ExOne S-Max Sand Printer Metal/Ceramic Binder Jet 3D
 Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Plastic Infiltration Unit
 3D Systems ProX 300 Direct Metal Laser (DMLS) Plastic Jet 3D Polyjet
 Mold Milling 3D Machine Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
 5 Axis Mill Stereolithography (SLA) Printer


This project is sponsored in part by the Iowa Economic Development Authority.